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Server Case

  • D2U400 Server case
  • D2U400 Server case
  • D2U400 Server case
  • D2U400 Server case
D2U400 Server caseD2U400 Server caseD2U400 Server caseD2U400 Server case

D2U400 Server case

  • Product description: D2U400 Server case




400mm(D) ×428mm(W) × 88.5mm(H)


1.0mm SGCC Zinc-Coated Steel

HDD bay

4 x 3.5" HDD bays

CD-ROM bay 1x 5.25" CD-ROM bay

Cooling Fan

2pcs 8025 fans

PSU form factor

Standard 1U power supply or PS2 power supply

M/B form factor

Support motherboard size up to 12"*9.6"

USB port

Two external USB ports

Epansion slot Four or sever   full height PCI/PCIE expansion slots

System Control

Power switch,Reset switch,Power LED ,HDD LED

Product Features:

1.Conformed with EMC design standard to prevent from electromagnetic interference .

2.Support motherboard size up to 12"*9.6",4*3.5"HDD bays and one 5.25"CD-ROM bay.

3.Both the two sided of chassis and front panel aer designed with radiating holes and two 80mm fans to form a dood radiating air duct.

4.4 slots and 7 slots rear panel can be replaced utually ; 4 slots rear panel could be com;atible with PS2 power supply while 7 slots rear            panel could be compatible with 1U power sypply.


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