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Server Case

  • D1U250L Server case
  • D1U250L Server case
  • D1U250L Server case
  • D1U250L Server case
  • D1U250L Server case
D1U250L Server caseD1U250L Server caseD1U250L Server caseD1U250L Server caseD1U250L Server case

D1U250L Server case

  • Standard 19
  • The chassis uses 1.0mmSGCC
  • Two 2.5
  • Install a 170mm * 170mm (Mini-ITX) motherboard
  • Product description: Product description: cloud computing, cloud rendering, security monitoring, etc.




250mm(D) ×430mm(W) × 45mm(H)


1.0mm SGCC Zinc-Coated Steel,Aluminium

HDD bay

1 x 3.5" HDD or 2*2.5" HDD/SSD bays

Cooling Fan

2pcs 4020 fans

PSU form factor

Standard 1U powersupplu

M/B form factor

Support Mini-ITX Mainboard

USB port

Two USB ports in front

Epansion slot One PCI/PCIE horizontal expansion slot

System Control

Power switch,Reset switch,Power LED ,HDD LED


Router,Firewall, behavior managemeng,vieo decode etc

Product Features:

1.Super 1.0mm/SGCC refined, stable structure, exquisite craft, Conformed with EMC design standard to prevent from electromagnetic              interference .

2.Support mini-M/B,standard 1U power supply,2.5"/3.5" HDD/SSD.

3.The chassis has a good ventilation systen with hidden vent design in front panel and  two 4020 fans to make sure the system work                steadily.

4.Front panel and hanger are made of Brushed Anodized Aluninium materrial.


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