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Why medical equipment needs dust-free workshop

Molded plastics can be manufactured for many different industrial applications. Automotive, industrial, connectors, electronics, consumer, defense and transportation. However, the demand for medical equipment does require a stricter review of its cleanliness and sterility in some cases.

Moulded plastic parts used in medical equipment are highly specialized, with precise and detailed requirements for sterility and regulatory accountability, which are beyond the scope of other industries. The controlled environment of a dust-free workshop can help ensure that particulate matter, ie dust, airborne organic matter or vaporized particles, will not contaminate the plastics that will form parts of medical equipment. The regulations require monitoring of environmental conditions in a dust-free workshop. The dust-free workshop must be a separate, appropriately sized room with equipment sufficient to control humidity, dust, air pressure, temperature, and microorganisms.

Cooperate with some of the world's leading companies in the medical market. Our team will use its extensive experience and expertise to meet the critical needs of this market. We respond quickly and are committed to supporting changing medical product needs and time to market. We are equipped with horizontal and rotary injection molding machines to better serve our medical customers.


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