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Shenzhen Junxiangcheng Technology Co., Ltd.The business scope includes the general business items: mold medical equipment, manufacturing,injection plastic products, silicone products,household plastic packaging, plastic electronic products, massagers, Server cases, car navigation products sales and research and development; domestic trade, business Import and export business.

The company has professional engineering design staff. Advanced production equipment and reliable production capacity. We advocate advanced corporate culture. Pursue advanced business ideas. Management philosophy and talent concept, establish a united and harmonious overall outlook, honest and trustworthy moral outlook, adhere to strengthen the construction of corporate civilization, internally increase staff cohesion, externally shape the company's good image, and constantly enhance the company's core competitiveness. The company will further rely on its own advantages and solid strength, exert a good brand effect, adhere to the quality policy of "continuous improvement of management and technology to provide customers with satisfactory products," and strive to provide our new and old customers with better products and services.



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